• I've waited for something like this to come along!

    "Cool to find out this is out there. I did not know this type of thing existed!"
    Jeff Stratton
  • Been using VPN for awhile.

    "I've used plenty of VPN's over the years but I like this one. Easiest one to use and like that it is cheap, pay as I go!"
    Roger Federer
  • Where and when I'm glad I have a VPN.

    "I like to use my VPN at home when searching on the web but where I use it most is when I'm in public, like when I'm at Starbucks. I turn my VPN on my phone and know that I am protected!"
    Tom Porter

Testimonials are a big part of why we do what we do here at The Wildfire VPN because knowing we are making a difference in each others lives is what truly drives us! Wither its saving someone’s WIFI network from getting attacked by a hacker or just no longer getting harassed by ads because websites are not receiving your personal data to sell to advertisers anymore. Which ever your reason, please feel free to share your story of what value having a VPN incorporated into your daily life has given you!

Stories from our Customers

Had mine for a few months now.

"Had mine for a few months now and it works as advertised. Set up process was simple enough, app is easy to use and I got my piece of mind back!"
Robert H. Schuller

Love how easy this is for me.

"I'm retired and not very tech savvy. I can get by better with computer stuff than I used to but I have to say that this VPN is really easy, I mean even for me! All I do is click one button and it says I'm connected."
Ashley Fletcher

I also agree with how easy this is!

"I'm also retired and not a techy type person at all but a friend referred me to this VPN because they said it was easy and they were right!"
Edaline Grady

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