The popularity to use a VPN has grown tremendously over the course of just a few short years with no end in sight. This is do to the fact that more and more we are finding ourselves constantly connected to our internet devices as technology is now integrated into virtually every aspect of our daily lives. The growing numbers of people now doing their googling, youtubing and shopping online to the rate of checking into to our social media accounts every other minute is proof enough that we are hooked and wont be unplugging anytime soon. So is it any wonder why big business has developed the means to target us? Why do you think they created all these distractions in the first place? That’s right… Its all by design!

Now, that I have your attention it is easy to understand that with finding the balance between enjoying our technological toys and still saving some piece of our own personal privacy, the VPN industry is filling that need to give us that balance.

Data received from Orbis Research and Statista estimated the growth of the VPN global market to reach $36 billion by 2022. That’s more than double compared to 2016 of $15.64 billion in only 5 years time!

This research only proves the need that people are now realizing all over the world that protecting your personal data has now become a necessity with a VPN quickly becoming the standard to ensure we remain protected when we go online. ISP’s and web based companies will only get greedier and Governments… only more creepier as they continue to find new ways to justify the invasion into our privacy by spying , monitoring and archiving of its citizens. The future of the VPN Industry is here to stay!

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