The threat of Hackers is very real and statistically we have all either been or will be hacked eventually. Only by having the proper knowledge and security implemented in our devices can ensure that we keep that door locked from Hackers getting in. By hiding your IP address with a VPN you are a ghost to Hackers looking to target you!

It’s Not Just Our Computers Hackers Are After Anymore!

With the rise of smart devices comes new ways for Hackers to take advantage of us! To Hackers targeting our smart phones to now the very real fear of having our smart TV’s compromised is the reality we find ourselves living in today. Experts say that we need to make sure that we regularly update our operating system on all our Android devices to help against a potential threat as Hackers are more able to Hack into older version of software with out of date security protocols but most of us do not know when or how to do this. This is why simply having a reliable VPN installed on our devices we can protect ourselves from Hackers by simply pressing “CONNECT”!